27 April 2006

Baby Bundle

AT is such a cute like bundle when he comes out of the bath.

He loves the bath too. He enjoys kicking and splashing so much that I sometimes get wetter than him! Posted by Picasa

26 April 2006

Top Teeth

Over the last few days AT has been quite grumpy and clinging. He returned to nursery after the Pesach break and happy there however. So happy in fact that when Ma collected him, he cried.

Today we found out why he wasn't happy. 2 top teeth have just started to show. We knew it would be teething but didn't know when they would actually come.

On other news, AT is pulling himself up on everything. This is good on solid objects like the sofa but not on movable objects like the step ladder or ironing board. He is sensible enough to not want to get hurt. Whenever the thing he has just tried to pull himself up on come crashing to the floor, he rolls out of harms way!! Once standing he will shuffle along whilst holding on.

Nothing at head height is safe any more.

24 April 2006

1st Birthday

Asher Tzvi is 1 now and this is a small collage showing the fun he had on his birthday and at softplay. Posted by Picasa