30 June 2006

Gimmel Tammuz

I spent Gimmel Tammuz in Crown Heights. I arrived on Thursday afternoon and went straight from JFK to the Ohel and I'm staying till Sunday afternoon. The Ohel was packed with people and when I got there, at 3 in the afternoon, I was able to duven shacharis, with a minyan. After duvening I went to the Ohel itself. We limited to only two minutes but I had time to read my P’’N and duven a bit. It was only my second time at the Ohel and the first time for Gimmel Tammuz. I was impressed by the fact that despite there being so many people, everybody were Menschen and there was no pushing and shoving either in the Ohel or in the tents outside.

After that I got a ride to Crown Heights where I’m going to spend shabbos. I spent Friday just chilling here. I went to some shops and got lunch from Kingston Pizza. I’m always amazed by the scale of Jewish life in America. The number of kosher shops and restaurant in Crown Heights alone compares with Golders Green and Hendon and its just one small community in Brooklyn.

Over Shabbos I will probably duven at 770 and on Sunday I plan to visit the Jewish Children’s Museum. Then I will go back to the Ohel on the way to JFK.

Seeing as this is a post on “Being AT's Tatty”, I should probably mention him! I miss him and Ma lots and I’m really sad that I’m not with him because nursery said that he walked a few steps on Thursday.