18 April 2007

Nechomo Dina

It is my, delayed, pleasure to announce the birth of our daughter, Nechomo Dina. She was born 6 weeks early on 5/4/07, first day Chol HaMoed Pesach, at 16:42 and weighed 3 lbs. 12 oz. (1.7 kg). That means we now have two Pesach babies. One more and that will make a chazaka!

Despite her early arrival, she is progressing well. As of today, she has returned to birth weight. She has moved from an incubator in intensive care to a cot in high dependency.

AT has so far adapted well to his new role as big brother. On visits to see her he has been well behaved. Admittedly he spent one visit trying to talk to the wrong baby! Also very relevant is the fact that since Dina isn't home yet, she isn't direct competition.

08 April 2007

2nd Birthday

AT is now 2. On his eruv Pesach birthday he got cards and a presents from us. Three days later he got another present, his sister!!

His party had already been planned for today so we decided it should go ahead. This year, following the success of last year, was another soft play party. This time at the newly opened Antz in your Pantz. Great fun was had by all, especially the parents on the "astro-slide".

Following the fun, everyone enjoyed some snacks and we sang happy birthday as AT was given his cake, kindly baked by a friend, due to circumstances beyond Ma's control making it hard for her to bake it!

Special thanks go out to Grandma for helping me pack food boxes and party bags last night.

06 April 2007

Big Brother

Yesterday AT became a big brother. More details about his little
sister will come soon once she has her name and I have more time.

08 February 2007

Uncle Moishy

Today AT went to his first Uncle Moishy concert. Last year should have been his first but unfortunately AT got chicken pox the day of the concert. The most unfortunate part was not that AT missed it, as he had never been to a concert he didn't have any expectations. Ma said that because AT couldn't go, neither could I.

Coming back to this year, AT had a great time. He stood on a table, danced, clapped and said "Moishy" the whole evening. Although it must be said that his favourite thing was his bag of pop corn!! (As seen in the photo to emphasise the point.)