28 May 2006

How can "bad" things happen to good people?

A few weeks ago, Asher Tzvi was playing upstairs and started crawling to the top of the stairs. I noticed that the stair gate was open so I picked him up and closed the gate. He started crying since he didn't wanted to be held.

A friend who witnessed this who helped me to realise that this is a mashal for what happens in our lives. Look at the incident purely from AT's perspective. He was crawling along, minding his own business. As he got to the stair gate he was picked up and taken away. He had done nothing wrong yet he was being punished. This wasn't fair, so he cried.

What is the reality? I as a parent had a clearer view of a situation. I saw the dangers and harm that the AT was heading towards. My actions had AT's best interest at heart and I protected him.

What is the nimshal of the story? We in our lives are just children and only have limited comprehension of the world around us. We see "bad" thing happening to good people. We don't think it is fair so we "cry" out and show our anger against HaShem. He, however, is our father. He is beyond all limits and can see the whole picture. He knows what lies ahead and always protects the good from harm.

This week a good neshama passed suddenly from this world. We could respond by wanting to distance ourselves from HaShem. Rather we all need to increase our trust in HaShem and know that "[His] ways are ways of pleasantness and all [His] paths are peace".

May we all merit the coming of Moshiach now!

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